Jeep Grand Cherokee

I was in the market for a car that was able to take on all different terrains so it could be used for my tree surgeon business. It would be my main car so I would use it for quotes, lugging around machinery etc, but also in my social hours. Sometimes I have to get my tools into some really inaccessible areas, and you want to keep walking to an absolute minimum with the heavy tools.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the car I went with in the end and I absolutely love it. What used to be daunting jobs simply due to the task of getting there are now enjoyable. Letting the Grand Cherokee free on some dodgy off road terrain is truly an experience, completely different to any other type of driving I have ever done. For the particularly bad patches of land you can jack up the suspension an extra 11 inches off the ground. Then you can have it washed and feel like you are in luxurious car befitting of a classy Bond villain, best of both worlds!

The second hand Jeep Grand Cherokee cost me £25,000 which was substantially cheaper than the rivals I was considering, and I can’t see how you could justify the extra money for the likes of the Land Rover equivalents. There is a super selection of Jeep Grand Cherokees on the various UK Car Sites.

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